VEDA Care is a technical support unit that delivers after sales and value added service excellence for VEDA products and accessories. It is the heart and soul of VEDA.

Its objectives are to deliver rapid turnaround times for warranty, trade repairs, inquiries and telephone technical and practical support on all VEDA products, its goal is to provide VEDA customers satisfaction and to fulfill VEDA’s pledge in delivering quality and long-lasting products.

VEDA Care is available to customers’ onsite, at our service centers and electronically using easily available mediums; Gmail, Skype, Phone Call and Text messaging.

VEDA Care is managed by GURUs; an experienced team of specialists in hardware and software that handle every consultancy and repair with the highest level of care, regard and professionalism. Each GURU has undergone hours of training in production, quality control, customer service and product specifications on VEDA Products and accessories to enable us provide premium service to you; the Customer.

As a world leading computer equipment manufacturer, only VEDA can provide you consultancy, support and short turnaround times thanks to our products, facilities, highly trained GURUs and company vision.
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