Why should I buy your laptop instead of the branded systems like HP, Dell etc?

VEDA delivers to you Premium Products that compare with other brand PCs. VEDA has carefully done its research to enhance its PC’s look, feel and performance for the average Nigerian consumer. VEDA Care’s warranty and support policies also make you feel relaxed as our customer care is 1 in a million in Nigeria. VEDA products also come pre-loaded with a free resources and multimedia application called QUEST. It is your one stop hub for business information, entertainment, communication, education, religious books and many more. It gives you the stimulation of online presence even when you are offline.

Where do we get drivers for your machines?

Our PCs come with a driver installation CD. Have you misplaced it? Not to worry VEDA provides support online.

What kind of after sales support does VEDA offer?

Every VEDA product has one year warranty (labor and parts) inclusive that seem to last like a life time because even after it expires, we offer you unbelievable after sales service that helps us help you pamper your product keeping it in top notch condition always. You can contact a VEDA clicking here to advance to our contact page.

Does VEDA have a Payment Plan for purchase of their products?

You can definitely buy a VEDA laptop with a payment plan spread over 24 months.

What is the battery life span of VEDA laptops?

VEDA laptops have a life span of 3 hours.

Can VEDA computers be built to customer’s specification?

Yes, computers can be built to customer specification through the use of VEDA’s e-commerce website which will be up and running soon.

Where can I buy a VEDA?

You can buy a VEDA PC buy calling  this number +234 (1) 4488332-3 or you can buy from our Resellers.

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