VEDA’s mission is to provide the best computer experience you can have through practical innovation. VEDA is a product of years of research and development to build the best technology platform in this region. We have laid a strong foundation by building our brand on a certain principle that guides us in ensuring the best products for consumers; innovation.

Total Quality

VEDA’s Total Quality Rule offers the best quality without compromising cost. We say this with all sense of responsibility and you can’t help but notice it. From our classic array of products to the pedigree of people we bring on our team, we make sure we do not lower our standards on what we stand for.

VEDA products go through the most stringent testing conditions to ensure that every component, material and product will deliver optimum performance and long lasting use.

Alluring Features

You can never get enough from VEDA, you’ll always ask for more and the good thing is we are always here to deliver on your increasing appetite for more. From the sensually glossy outlook of our computers, to the ergonomic keyboard that takes of the strain from your muscles while you work and the alluring and distinctive packaging, it is very clear that you come first when we designed our products.


VEDA’s complete line of products is protected under a 1-year warranty globally (labor and parts) inclusive through the VEDA Care Program. This seems to last like a lifetime because even after it expires, we offer you affordable parts and service to help you pamper your product and keeping it in top notch condition always. Unlike other companies that make promises of multiple years of product guarantee and then charge users component, repair and consulting fees immediately after sale, we have a strict responsibility to deliver on promises to demonstrate our confidence in our ability to offer Total Quality.


VEDA is built on mouth a watering practical benefit that suits the Nigerian terrain; a territory we have researched deeply and understand like the palm of our hands. VEDA comes in-built with QUEST; a pre-loaded multimedia resource platform that provides users with access to business, information, communication and entertainment tools for increased productivity.

Internet Optimized

VEDA Products all come with next-GEN wireless cards that allow easy internet connection and smooth data transfer. The Nigerian internet terrain has always been an off road driving experience. VEDA Products are pre-built with these conditions in mind like an all-terrain 4X4 vehicle.

Value Partnership

VEDA continues to work with key technical providers in the international computer industry. Microsoft, a foremost player in the computer industry is the core of our operating system engine. With support for Microsoft Windows XP, VISTA and the all new Windows 7 OS, VEDA is 100% up to date. Intel Corporation also has a vested interest in our product architecture with the Intel Atom and Celeron platforms fully supported by VEDA. Google provides VEDA with efficient inbuilt innovative browser optimized on all our PCs for the smoothest internet performance.


VEDA built a world class manufacturing facility in the heart of Lagos, Nigeria that manages product R&D, production and quality control. In addition, it houses the company’s best minds in Manufacturing, Research and Development, Assembly, Production and Quality Control. VEDA products are also put through numerous stress tests on its reliability to ensure its readiness in this unique Nigerian environment. The 3000 square meter manufacturing facility consists among others, a one of a kind, 40 metertwin assembly line designed and developed by a world renowned Assembly plant developer. This assembly line has a maximum capacity of 1000 PC units per day with room for expansion. The facility is fully endorsed by the Manufacturer’s Association of Nigeria, National Information Technology Development Agency and the Federal Ministry of Communications Technology

Product Financing

Why pay 100% when you can have flexible options. Veda has key partnerships with Financial Institutions to provide financing for consumers, small businesses and corporates. Pay over 3 months or 24 months to get the best possible value based on your personal or corporate cash flow.

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